We give advice in all questions of labour law including the collective labour law.

We represent you throughout Germany in court and out of court.

We work consultatively and forensically in the founding and the completion of service status and working relationship, notice, closure of a firm, restructure, transfer of a firm, moving of a firm, transformation as well as in the bankruptcy and in the sale of a company (notice, action concerning protection against dismissal, proceedings before the integration office, remuneration, social plan, compromise between conflicting interests, compensation for disadvantage etc.)

Concerning corporate acquisitions/sales of a company we offer a Due Diligence to labour law questions (buyer’s liability from individual contract- and collective law agreements, periods of notice, terminability etc.)

If you have questions concerning foreign countries or dispatch into foreign countries we will be pleased to help you.In order to resolve all your questions concerning eliminations of operational social services such as bonus payments, bonuses, percentages of profits etc. we are there for you.

Lawyer Dr. Hans-Jürgen Kleinert earned the additional qualification "Specialized Lawyer for Labour Law".